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If you are overwhelmed with debt, and can no longer afford to make payments, have fallen seriously delinquent, at risk of foreclosure, or too many high balance medical bills, call our law office now for a free consultation at 602-900-8708.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Arizona

File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy from $999

  • Debt Elimination
  • Fresh Start
  • Choose What You Include
  • Stop Collectors 
  • Low Flat Fee

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Arizona

File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy from $500

  • Eliminate 2nd Mortgage
  • Debt Re-Organization
  • Retain Property
  • One Small Monthly Payment 
  • 2-3 Year Plan and Then Debt Free

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The legal purpose of this blog is to provide helpful information and tips regarding filing bankruptcy in Arizona. It is important for consumers to understand their legal options concerning filing bankruptcy in Arizona and what the process is. 

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